Indian water buffalo meat (carabeef) and beef (bovine) production in calendar year 2021 is projected to total about 4.1 million metric tons (MMT), three percent above the previous estimate. Rising cattle numbers and improvement in India’s domestic supply chain support the anticipated expansion. Also, improving international demand will help lift carabeef exports to 1.4 MMT against the earlier projection of 1.2 million metric tons. Production and export sales in 2020 are likewise revised. Indian carabeef is a byproduct of the dairy sector, which diverts spent/unproductive water buffalo cows and bulls to slaughter. These animals are not raised normally for carabeef production. Any second wave of the COVID-19 pandemic will affect India’s export prospects. [Note: Carabeef and beef production and trade are reported in carcass weight equivalent (CWE)].