22 02, 2023

Australian cattle slaughter numbers start year strong

2023-02-15T11:10:36-03:0022/02/2023|Seção: Suplemento Internacional|Tags: , , , |

Australian slaughter numbers started the year strong with weather conditions tilting in favour of processors, and a probable decrease in US beef production could make Australian beef exports more competitive in international markets.  Australian slaughter numbers started firm in January compared with two years earlier. Industry group Meat and Livestock Australia reported 99,206 head slaughtered [...]

15 02, 2023

Australia northern feeder cattle: Market stand off

2023-02-15T10:52:41-03:0015/02/2023|Seção: Suplemento Internacional|Tags: , , , |

The Australian northern cattle feeder price decreased to 390A¢/kg this week from 395A¢/kg the week prior, as feedlots hold firm on low grid prices and feeder steer supply remains low as producers look to capitalize on a good season's pasture growth to get steers to the top end of feedlot intake weights.  Feedlot pricing and [...]

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