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2406, 2022

USDA GAIN – European Union: Dairy and Products Semi-Annual

EU environmental restrictions are stagnating milk production in Northwestern European Member States (MS). As a result, EU27 peak milk production was likely reached in 2020 and cow milk production in the EU27 is forecast at 144.6 million MT (MMT) for 2022, a decrease of 434,000 MT compared to 2021 and 836,000 MT down from 2020. The increase in production of [...]

1006, 2022

Brazil: brazilian ministry of agriculture publishes updated product registration procedures

The Brazilian Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock, and Food Supply (MAPA) published Ordinance 558, which establishes procedures for accreditation, modification, audit, and cancellation of edible animal-origin products registration in Brazil. This Ordinance applies both to local companies and foreign companies accredited for exports to Brazil, and entered into effect May 2nd, 2022. Companies have two years to move records from paper-based [...]

306, 2022

China: Dairy and products semi-annual

In 2022, China's raw milk production is forecast to reach 39.65 million metric tons due to a larger herd and production efficiency gains. China’s zero-COVID policy is expected to remain unchanged for the foreseeable future. In 2022, the resurgence of COVID-19 and government restrictions, such as lockdowns, are expected to impact dairy and dairy product distribution and use. Dairy processors [...]

1805, 2022

USDA GAIN Report – Brazil: Poultry and Products Semi-Annual

Post forecasts production at 14.85 million metric tons in 2022, growing two percent due to strong external demand. Production is forecast to set historical record. Consumption for 2022 is forecast at 10.25 million metric tons, slightly reduced from 2021. Brazil is the world’s largest exporter of chicken meat and Post forecasts a nine percent increase for 2022, with total exports [...]

2804, 2022

China: US Pet Food is Poised to Expand in the China Market

Ranked Nº 1 in both the facility registration by China’s General Administration of Customs (GACC) and the feed product registration by China’s Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs (MARA), the United States accounts for 20 percent of Chinese imported pet food market share and is poised to expand. The market trends indicate that China’s demand for imported pet food will [...]

1404, 2022

Plant Registration and Updated Procedures for Meat and Meat Products in Brazil

This report outlines updated plant and label registration guidance for U.S. meat and meat product exporters to Brazil. The USDA Foreign Agricultural Service Office of Agricultural Affairs (OAA) Brasília will continue to provide assistance for U.S. plant registration in Brazil, however, U.S. meat and meat product exporters will be responsible for product label registration in Brazil. Please note that products [...]

804, 2022

India: Livestock and Products Semi-annual

FAS New Delhi forecasts carabeef (which is derived from the Asian domestic water buffalo) and beef (bovine) production to rise in 2022 to approximately 4.5 million metric tons (MMT), an increase of nearly seven percent from the market year (MY) 2021 estimate of 4.2 million metric tons. India’s 2022 carabeef and beef consumption is forecast at 2.9 MMT, representing a [...]

3003, 2022

Turkey: Poultry and Products Semi-annual

Turkey’s production of chicken meat in 2022 is projected higher, in large part because of anticipated strong export demand from neighboring countries and China. Additionally, the uncertainty of Ukrainian chicken exports to select Middle Eastern markets may also fuel increased demand for Turkish chicken meat in these markets. However, if local market conditions warrant, the Ministry of Agriculture & Forest [...]

903, 2022

Australia: Livestock and Products Semi-Annual

In 2022, the Australia beef industry is set to continue its herd rebuilding phase which began in 2021. As the herd numbers have begun to recover, overall cattle slaughter is expected to rise from the 50-year low of last year. With ample pasture production in key beef producing areas, and a continued high proportion of cattle finished by feedlots, carcass [...]

902, 2022

China: Poultry and Products Semi-Annual

FAS China estimates for 2022 chicken meat align exactly with USDA Official estimates for production, supply, and distribution and only minor adjustments based on trade data are made for 2021. Production: In 2022, chicken meat production is forecast lower at 14.3 million MT (MMT), a 3 percent decrease from 2021. Chicken production only includes white feather broiler, yellow feather broiler, [...]

1912, 2021

USDA – After Several Difficult Years, U.S. Pork Exports to Mexico Show Promise

Mexico is the third-largest pork importer in the world and traditionally the largest U.S. market for pork exports by volume. Over the past few years, shipments to this important market have faced headwinds. First, retaliatory tariffs related to Section 232 actions disadvantaged U.S. product. Then the coronavirus pandemic and a weak Mexican economy weighed on demand. With retaliatory tariffs on [...]

1612, 2021

China: Dairy and Products Annual 2021

Report Highlights: In 2022, China’s raw milk production is forecast to reach 36.7 million metric tons, a 3 percent increase, as producers make operational investments that should return more milk, per cow milk production improves, and additional facilities come online. Whole milk powder beginning stocks and domestic production in 2022 will weigh on imports, which are forecast to decline 6 [...]

912, 2021

India: Dairy and Products Annual – 2021

India’s marketing year (MY) 2022 (January-December) fluid milk production is forecast higher at 203.5 million metric tons (MMT) based on a relatively normal June-September monsoon season. Anticipating strong prices and modest export demand, butter exports will rise to 15,000 metric tons (MT), 36 percent higher than the revised estimated export figure of 11,000 metric tons (MT) for MY 2021. With [...]

212, 2021

Japan: Dairy Products Annual

Fluid milk FAS/Tokyo projects that Japan’s fluid milk production in 2022 will increase about 1 percent from 2021 on a greater number of new cows. Despite both rising feed prices, which began in late 2020 and continued through summer 2021, and stagnating prices on milk for further processing, FAS/Tokyo anticipates that the support of compensation programs will limit the impact [...]

2511, 2021

Dairy and Products Annual: European Union

In 2022, milk production in the European Union 27 Member States (EU27) is forecast to increase by 0.2 percent to 150.45 million metric tons (MMT) compared to 2021. As EU liquid milk consumption is flat, most additional milk goes to processing. Cheese production is the main use and EU27 cheese production is forecast to increase to 10.4 MMT, which is [...]

1811, 2021

Dairy and Products Annual Country: Philippines

The Philippines imports 99 percent of its dairy requirement as domestic production cannot meet the annual demand of 2.9 million metric tons (MT) liquid milk equivalent, according to the National Dairy Authority (NDA). Following declines in demand in 2021 due to the pandemic, dairy imports are expected to recover in 2022 as the economy reopens, most of the population is [...]

1111, 2021

Dairy and Products Annual Country: Chile

For the past 12 years, drought limited pasture for grazing and forced down milk production. In MY2021 milk receipts remained flat at 1,171 million liters. However, domestic demand for dairy products remains strong, pushing up total imports 35.8 percent in MY2021. The United States is the main supplier of dairy products to Chile with a 21.6 percent market share in [...]

411, 2021

Livestock and Poultry Situation and Outlook: United Kingdom

The United Kingdom’s departure from the European Union on December 31, 2020, and the Covid pandemic have both presented challenges and opportunities for the livestock sector. These include changes to consumption demand, both domestically and in export markets, and on supply, through developments in logistics, labor, and terms of trade. In CY2022, more stability in the sector is forecast, but [...]

2810, 2021

Poultry and Products Annual: European Union

After two decades of growth, EU chicken meat production is expected to decline by almost 1 percent in 2021 due to HPAI outbreaks and the ongoing impact of COVID-19. For most of Europe, economic challenges even post-COVID will continue to favor cheap protein sources. Consumer preference for chicken meat could fuel some growth in chicken meat demand and production in [...]

2110, 2021

Poultry and Products Annual: Angola

Post forecasts production to increase slightly in 2022, despite Angola’s challenges to expansion, including to a lack of animal feed, veterinary medicine, chicken feedlots, general infrastructure, and the prohibition of genetically engineered (GE) feed products. In 2020, Angola was the ninth largest importer of U.S. poultry meat by value ($80 million). Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and reduced consumer purchasing [...]

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