8 09, 2023

USDA Report Brazil: Livestock and Products Annual September 2023

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The Brazilian economy is slowly recovering from the negative impacts of the COVID pandemic on its GDP growth, employment rates, and in most sectors of the economy. Post forecasts cattle production will increase one percent in 2023, reaching 48.5 million head of cattle and decrease by four percent in 2024. Cattle slaughter rates are forecasted [...]

8 08, 2023

Canada: Poultry and Products Annual

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Report Highlights: Chicken meat production is forecast to show moderate growth in 2024, based on a steady demand for this protein source. In 2023, the chicken sector continued to face production challenges due to tight supplies of hatching eggs and day-old chicks, as HPAI disproportionately impacted breeder and hatching farms. With domestic production below planned [...]

5 06, 2023

USJTA Treatment for Beef and Beef Products 2023

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Report Highlights The U.S.-Japan Trade Agreement (USJTA) entered Year 5 of the agreement implementation on April 1, 2023. This report is one in a series of product briefs highlighting the tariff benefits for specific commodities and products from Year 5 (2023) to Year 7 (2025) of the Agreement. Overview In 2022, the United States exported [...]

1 06, 2023

USDA – China: Dairy and Products Semi-Annual

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Improved production efficiency and a larger cattle inventory are expected to increase China’s raw milk production by four percent, to over 42 million metric tons (MMT), in 2023. Strong raw milk production is forecast to support higher whole milk powder (WMP) production. Domestic WMP production will weigh on imports of both WMP and skim milk [...]

8 03, 2023

USDA GAIN – European Union: Livestock and Products Semi-annual

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High feed and energy prices and environmental restrictions are pressuring both cattle and swine farmers in the European Union (EU), leading to a reduction in operations. National implementation of the EU’s Common Agricultural Policy is not anticipated to curb the continued decline in beef production, as EU Member States are expected to increasingly focus on [...]

1 03, 2023

USDA GAIN – Brazil: Poultry and Products Semi-Annual

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Brazil's economy is still recovering from the negative impacts of the pandemic on its GDP growth, employment, and most sectors of the economy. For 2023, the Brazilian Central Bank (BCB) forecasts GDP to grow 0.76 percent and 1.5 percent in 2024. Consumption will benefit from social spending in 2023. Producers have resorted to exports to [...]

22 02, 2023

Australian cattle slaughter numbers start year strong

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Australian slaughter numbers started the year strong with weather conditions tilting in favour of processors, and a probable decrease in US beef production could make Australian beef exports more competitive in international markets.  Australian slaughter numbers started firm in January compared with two years earlier. Industry group Meat and Livestock Australia reported 99,206 head slaughtered [...]

15 02, 2023

Australia northern feeder cattle: Market stand off

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The Australian northern cattle feeder price decreased to 390A¢/kg this week from 395A¢/kg the week prior, as feedlots hold firm on low grid prices and feeder steer supply remains low as producers look to capitalize on a good season's pasture growth to get steers to the top end of feedlot intake weights.  Feedlot pricing and [...]

18 01, 2023

Livestock and Poultry: Quaterly World Markets Report

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This quarterly report includes data on U.S. and global trade, production, consumption and stocks, as well as analysis of developments affecting world trade in livestock and poultry. Covers beef and veal, cattle, pork, swine, broiler meat and turkey meat Despite the challenges of the current wave of COVID-19 infections in China, the import forecasts of [...]

28 12, 2022

U.S. Beef Exports to East Asia on Record Pace

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U.S. beef exports to East Asia in 2022 are again on record pace after a record year in 2021. Despite economic uncertainties due to the COVID-19 pandemic, continued global supply chain challenges, and a competitive global beef market, U.S. beef exports to East Asia, both in value and volume, were outstanding in the first half [...]

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