2 12, 2021

Japan: Dairy Products Annual

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Fluid milk FAS/Tokyo projects that Japan’s fluid milk production in 2022 will increase about 1 percent from 2021 on a greater number of new cows. Despite both rising feed prices, which began in late 2020 and continued through summer 2021, and stagnating prices on milk for further processing, FAS/Tokyo anticipates that the support of compensation [...]

25 11, 2021

Dairy and Products Annual: European Union

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In 2022, milk production in the European Union 27 Member States (EU27) is forecast to increase by 0.2 percent to 150.45 million metric tons (MMT) compared to 2021. As EU liquid milk consumption is flat, most additional milk goes to processing. Cheese production is the main use and EU27 cheese production is forecast to increase [...]

18 11, 2021

Dairy and Products Annual Country: Philippines

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The Philippines imports 99 percent of its dairy requirement as domestic production cannot meet the annual demand of 2.9 million metric tons (MT) liquid milk equivalent, according to the National Dairy Authority (NDA). Following declines in demand in 2021 due to the pandemic, dairy imports are expected to recover in 2022 as the economy reopens, [...]

11 11, 2021

Dairy and Products Annual Country: Chile

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For the past 12 years, drought limited pasture for grazing and forced down milk production. In MY2021 milk receipts remained flat at 1,171 million liters. However, domestic demand for dairy products remains strong, pushing up total imports 35.8 percent in MY2021. The United States is the main supplier of dairy products to Chile with a [...]

17 08, 2020

Grupo Porto Alegre amplia fabricação de laticínios

2020-08-12T11:49:54-03:0017/08/2020|Seção: Números|Tags: , |

Minas Gerais passou a contar, no município de Antônio Carlos,  com uma nova fábrica dos Laticínios Porto Alegre. Foram investidos R$ 100 milhões no novo empreendimento, que vai permitir a ampliação da produção do grupo e a geração de 117 empregos diretos. Com a nova fábrica, o grupo Porto Alegre passa de 80 para 120 [...]

14 08, 2020

Governo do Tocantins cria selo artesanal para produtos lácteos

2020-08-12T11:47:39-03:0014/08/2020|Seção: Números|Tags: , |

O governo do Tocantins, por meio da Agência de Defesa Agropecuária (Adapec) criou o selo Artesanal Tocantins para produtos lácteos (leite pasteurizado, queijos e iogurte), direcionado aos pequenos produtores rurais, principalmente aqueles que utilizam a própria matéria-prima na produção em quantidade de até 300 litros de leite por dia. “A certificação da produção artesanal de leite [...]

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