6 10, 2022

USDA October: Report about Angola’s chicken meat

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Angola: Poultry and Products Annual  As the economic environment in Angola has improved, Angolan chicken meat imports also recovered, increasing 57 percent in 2021. Post expects 2022 imports will show slight year-over-year growth as well. In 2021, Angola was the world’s seventh largest importer of U.S. chicken meat by value ($125 million). Post forecasts production [...]

21 10, 2021

Poultry and Products Annual: Angola

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Post forecasts production to increase slightly in 2022, despite Angola’s challenges to expansion, including to a lack of animal feed, veterinary medicine, chicken feedlots, general infrastructure, and the prohibition of genetically engineered (GE) feed products. In 2020, Angola was the ninth largest importer of U.S. poultry meat by value ($80 million). Due to the COVID-19 [...]

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