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20 07, 2021

Banner Year for U.S. Beef Exports in 2021

2021-07-19T12:31:36-03:0020/07/2021|Seção: Suplemento Internacional|

As countries roll back COVID-19 restrictions, foreign market demand for beef is becoming a bright spot for U.S. producers. With record U.S. beef production forecast this year, U.S. beef exports are forecast to strengthen their position in the global marketplace. Meanwhile, lower production in Australia and tighter exportable supplies from Argentina are expected to limit [...]

7 06, 2021

USDA – Argentina Imposes 30-day Beef Export Ban

2021-06-07T17:16:04-03:0007/06/2021|Seção: Suplemento Internacional|

On Thursday, May 20, 2021 the government of Argentina imposed a 30-day ban on beef exports. The measure is intended to lower domestic beef prices by temporarily increasing the domestic supply. The implementing resolution exempts exports to markets where Argentina has negotiated quotas. In 2020, Argentina exported 652,177 tons of beef with about 53,000 being [...]

28 04, 2021

USDA – Japan: Poultry and Products Update

2021-04-28T11:32:59-03:0028/04/2021|Seção: Suplemento Internacional|

Japan's chicken meat production in 2021 is projected to remain flat from 2020. A domestic outbreak of highly pathogenic avian influenza will continue to put downward pressure on supply while the lingering effects of the COVID-19 pandemic slow recovery in foodservice demand. Imports are projected to increase only slightly in 2021 as high domestic prices [...]

15 04, 2021

USDA – South Korea: Livestock and Products Semi-annual

2021-04-15T11:48:10-03:0015/04/2021|Seção: Suplemento Internacional|

While Korea’s overall demand for beef and pork remains strong, imports of these products have declined as a result of the global pandemic. COVID-related restrictions have limited Korea’s Hotel, Restaurant, and Institutional sectors where imported meat is heavily consumed. Conversely, Korea’s market shift to in-home dining has bolstered retail sales of domestically produced meat. Korean [...]

6 04, 2021

USDA – Turkey: Poultry and Poultry Products Semi Annual

2021-04-05T23:59:38-03:0006/04/2021|Seção: Suplemento Internacional|

According to the Turkish poultry sector, chicken meat production in Turkey in 2021 is expected to grow 1.5 percent to 2.16 million metric tons (MMT) as demand for affordable protein sources to a growing population increases and the industry focuses on exporting to new markets. This growth forecast is lower than previous sector expectations due [...]

29 03, 2021

USDA – India: Livestock and Products Semi-annual

2021-03-29T12:36:52-03:0029/03/2021|Seção: Suplemento Internacional|

Indian water buffalo meat (carabeef) and beef (bovine) production in calendar year 2021 is projected to total about 4.1 million metric tons (MMT), three percent above the previous estimate. Rising cattle numbers and improvement in India's domestic supply chain support the anticipated expansion. Also, improving international demand will help lift carabeef exports to 1.4 MMT [...]

22 03, 2021

USDA – Mexico: Poultry and Products Semi-annual

2021-03-22T14:14:32-03:0022/03/2021|Seção: Suplemento Internacional|

Mexico’s poultry production is expected to grow in 2021 despite a sluggish economic rebound and ongoing pandemic emergency measures hampering domestic demand. Chicken meat, as well as eggs and egg products, are expected to remain the most popular and affordable animal protein for consumers. In 2020, the poultry sector proved to be resilient in the [...]

19 03, 2021

USDA – Japan: Livestock and Products Semi-annual

2021-03-19T11:46:15-03:0019/03/2021|Seção: Suplemento Internacional|

Cattle stocks are projected to expand in 2021 as the pace of slaughter slows after a strong 2020. Slightly lower carcass weights are expected to keep beef production stable at around 475,000 metric tons (MT). Beef imports will struggle to rebound from a slow 2020 amid sluggish foodservice demand. Swine stocks are projected to expand [...]

16 03, 2021

USDA – European Union: Livestock and Products Semi-annual

2021-03-16T12:05:44-03:0016/03/2021|Seção: Suplemento Internacional|

Despite the challenges of the coronavirus pandemic and the further spread of African Swine Fever in wild boar westwards into Germany, EU pork production and exports broke a record in 2020. In 2021, a new production record is forecast which is anticipated to lead to increased competition on the global market. With a further contraction [...]

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